Diamonds Are a Man’s Best Friend

By Tye Elliott

How do you spin striking moments of drama in the outfield with an alien sighting and a baseball contract that must be hand-delivered on the other side of the country in 24 hours? …Oh, that’s just a few of the trials and tribulations of the Elliott boys in their lifetime journey. Sharing lessons and jokes along the way (courtesy of his late father), Tye Elliott informs us that Diamonds Are a Man’s Best Friend,too.

The Imagination Playbook

By Mitch Markson

Author, consultant and “idea whisperer,” Mitch Markson, wrote The Imagination Playbook to remind us that there is an idea laboratory in everyone’s mind—unlimited and waiting, ready to be activated. In this visually explosive and interactive book, he shares the lessons and secrets from a lifetime of experience; one that recognizes that a healthy mix of strategic process, gut instinct, trial and error, experimentation, and mixing it up with strange bedfellows, can lead us to a new outer space of imaginative possibilities. Let the imagination therapy session begin!

The Brief: Following the 6 P’s for Early Career Success

By Richard Leo

The transition from college to corporate America can be filled with high hopes and vast mystery. But what if you could follow a formula for navigating all the steps you encounter? Richard Leo, former VP and CFO of Northrup Grumman, offers the inside scoop of what other execs won’t tell you.

What Autism Gave Me: A Devastating Diagnosis to a Triumphant Life

By Michael Haigwood Goodroe

Supported by documentation and interviews, Michael Goodroe’s heartfelt memoir traces the sustained challenges and turbulent journey he faced. His life was plagued by failures and developmental progress was not always obvious, but Michael was finding his own unique path. What Autism Gave Me is a powerful reminder that the human drive to succeed is stronger than any diagnosis.

Mastering Your Inner Critic

By Susan MacKenty Brady

How many times did your inner critic pop up and talk you down today? Or, tell you someone else sucks? Is your inner critic running rampant, thwarting your advancement as a leader, your ingenuity as an artist, or your compassionate center as a mother and wife? You may have never called your inner critic out or confronted its brutal ramblings until now, but it’s time! There are other proven hurdles, too, as you seek to advance. Linkage EVP Susan MacKenty Brady expertly guides you to the victory that will change your life.

Become: The Path To Purposeful Leadership

By Mark Hannum

From the accelerating leadership development company, Linkage, author Mark Hannum helps you become. Through adoption of 5 purposeful leadership commitments, every individual can continuously, consciously, and intentionally improve for the benefit of themselves, their organizations, and the marketplaces or ecosystems in which their organizations operate.

Life’s a PIC/NIC…When You Understand Behavior

By Aubrey C. Daniels & Alice D. Lattal

Bring out the best in people through the application of the optimistic science of behavior and its demonstrated truth about the unlimited potential of human beings. (Sloan Publishing)

After the Storm: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse with Conviction, Connection and Compassion

By Ava St. Pierre & Shereé Cogburn

As a multi-title pageant holder, Ava ST. Pierre achieved her best on stage with focus, vigor, poise and exquisite beauty. Most importantly, Ava burst through the cycle of debilitating mental illness that her mother suffered from and effectuated in violence toward her and her siblings. Ava followed her father’s lead—to live a life of genuine empathic compassion and enlightenment, helping others survive after the storm and speaking up for the helpless and haunted. With assistance by her daughter and co-author, Shereé Cogburn, Ava ST. Pierre’s story demonstrates the beauty within.

The Stairway to Heaven is Not ADA Compliant: My Journey Through Cuba with Guillain-Barré Syndrome

By Samantha Holvey

Imagine being a star athlete and beauty queen, then waking up one morning with half of your face paralyzed, unable to open your eyelid or breathe. Guillain-Barré syndrome, an inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nerves outside the brain and spinal cord, affects 1 in 100,000 people. A former Miss North Carolina USA tells her story of battling GBS and how a mission trip to rural Cuba revived her spirit. (CreateSpace)

Deliverability Inferno: Helping Email Marketers Understand the Journey from Purgatory to Paradise

By Chris Arrendale

Deliverability is the art and science of getting emails into the Inbox. The book dives deep into multiple areas of email deliverability including bounces, complaints, spam traps, content, authentication, compliance, and more. You will learn how to better deliver marketing emails to the major ISPs, network filters, and mailbox providers. Read about “tales from the trenches” to learn how certain marketers have successfully traveled the path from purgatory to paradise!

Twelve Sundays

By Connie Mack

Inspired by true events, Connie Mack’s novel is set along the bayou, where heroin addiction, scandalous family secrets, a corrupt prison and rapturous love come to roost. Mack’s characters are so colorful and lovable (even the criminals), readers can only hope for the sequel. (Archway Publishing)

One Shot

By Brian Gatesk

In this atmospheric thriller, meet Jack Shot, a bartender with a happy-go-lucky attitude, content to drift through life at his leisure…until one night a strange man pulls up a seat at the bar and flips his life on end. (Melange Books)

Sleep: What the World Needs Now

Medical White Paper

This white paper commissioned by BreatheWear is loaded with insights and solutions to what the World Health Organization has deemed a “global health epidemic.” Contributing experts include Andrew Pugliese, MD, a 3x Board Certified physician in Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine and Sleep Medicine, and Carolyn Campo, principal of Carolyn Campo Consulting, who possesses more than 20 years of experience in sleep medicine practices across the spectrum of care.

50 Promises: Faith-Based Strategies for Health, Wealth and Happiness

Inspirational Leadership by Steve Akinboro

Inspirational Leadership50 Promises: Faith-Based Strategies for Health, Wealth and HappinessBy Steve AkinboroSteve Akinboro’s autobiographical vignettes, paired with spiritual teachings, will help you discover the answers and guide you to abundance, transcending any previous definition of the term as we know it. (Next Century Publishing)

Hang-Ups and Hangovers

Entertainment and Humor By Kyle Milligan

With the help of friends and booze, David seeks to turn around his luck with the ladies to write his own erotic novel before his dwindling bank account dries up and he finds himself living on a park bench. Will he master the art of seduction in time? (All99 Publishing)

Kill Her James

Psychological Thriller by Judith Russell

In this much-anticipated sequel of Judith Russell’s To Clair, years of preparation have given The Brotherhood a maniacal plan to be tromped by the ghost of a previous kill. Preacher Edward Clower and his followers have one objective: to keep the white race pure. (Melange Books)

Engineering Solutions to America’s Health Care Challenges

Industrial Engineering by Ryan Burge

Covering the technologies, systems and processes that are emerging in hospitals and the White House to repair healthcare in the United States, Burge’s guide presents a systems approach to changing the way healthcare professionals do business and take care of their patients. (CRC Press)

A Thorn in My Pocket: Temple Grandin’s Mother Tells the Family Story

Memoir by Eustacia Cutler

A memoir in its second printing, the book chronicles Eustacia Cutler’s story of raising her autistic daughter, Temple Grandin, an internationally renowned animal sciences professor and designer of livestock handling facilities. Thorn details life in the fifties, when autistic children were routinely diagnosed as “infant schizophrenics” and wrongly institutionalized. (Future Horizons-Autism Books)

Bring Out the Best in Every Employee

Workplace Performance By Don Brown and Bill Hawkins

A management book written for every business leader, this is an essential road map for capturing the full potential of a workforce. Backed with a foreword by Marshall Goldsmith, Harvard Business Review’s “#1 Leadership Thinker,” Brown and Hawkins have created a revolutionary approach to energizing teams. (McGraw-Hill Professional)