Arrive and Thrive

Foreword by Indra Nooyi “Women fighting for gender equality have to upend so many barriers; a world of work built for men and outdated stereotypes. It can be exhausting but there is energy to be found in learning from the insights of Arrive and Thrive.” — Julia Gillard, 27th prime minister of Australia

The Forensic

By Paul Regan In this unique memoir, American business tycoon, movie director and aviator Howard R. Hughes Jr. and his pugnacious attorney, Chester Davis, were taken down by a brilliant and passionate attorney, John Bales Clark, and a diligent and talented young CPA, Paul Regan.

Self-Care RX

By Danielle DonDiego, DO, MBA If you’ve wanted to learn about a multitude of themes that may be present in your life—codependency, violence, OCD, narcissism, PTSD, addiction—and how to get back on the road to healing and fulfillment, Self-Care Rx is your promise for a better future.

Becoming Magic

By Antuan Magic Raimone Ambitious and raw, a chronicle of life as a performer in the most influential artistic feats of our time, such as 11x Tony Award-winning Hamilton and 4x Tony Award-winning In the Heights, over the course of his twenty-year career. But before magic, there was mayhem.


By Mat Bunch As a gay child who was trafficked to an abuser and swept up in the Indiana foster care system, Mat Bunch fought to survive because he knew he would be loved one day. He knew he would be wanted. Today, as a global citizen and changemaker in the green energy movement, Mat […]

Power Glass

By Katherine Cooper Through fifteen essays of sex, service, society, and self that are brazenly confronting yet exquisitely intimate, nuclear engineer Katherine Cooper turns up the power of expression to raise up and shine a light on our common good.